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About Us


Fear kills more dreams than failure ever could.

- Suzy Kassem

Our Story

Our story is like many others out there, and maybe just like the one you are pursuing. We had a dream to spend our days working on something that we were passionate about, something that mattered. So, on an ordinary February night we said the innocent but prophetic words,
"Why don't we just start a recording studio?"

Fast forward 3 years later and we are living our dream, recording and producing music like that kind that filled our speakers and inspired our lives from the very beginning. Chasing your dreams is never easy, it is scary and it requires sacrifice. But when you step out on faith and decide that you won't fear failure but pursue success to the very end, amazing things happen.

Many of our artists are on the same journey, chasing their wildest dreams. It is our privilege to come along side them and partner with them on their journey to create amazing music. 

Meet The Team

Kyle is our senior producer, sound engineer, and overall killer tunesmith. From the beginning, learning guitar from his grandpa up in the mountains of Oklahoma, to touring with major acts like Rascal Flatts, Kyle has always had a passion for creating unique licks and sick lyrics.

Lauren is our amazing manager of all the things, she basically keeps the behind the scenes (aka very important stuff) running smoothly. With a background in finance and a love of music, we couldn't do what we do without her!

Leif is our resident guitar shredder, co-producer, and hype-man. Meeting Leif is like having your dreams and ambitions kicked in the butt... He pushes everyone he encounters to be the best they can be! When he's not twisting knobs in the studio, Leif is touring with his own crew "The Leif Shively Band."

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